Madrid Revealed: 5 Instagram Accounts to Really Get To Know Madrid

Instagram might be the app that everybody loves to hate but you have to admit that it has changed the way we travel. When it comes to preparing for a trip many use it as a tool to find places to see (and most importantly get that ‘gram-worthy shot), places to eat, cool museums and activities, and everything else in between.

When you’re packing up and moving abroad you’re going to want this kind of firsthand information before you land too, so here are five Instagram accounts you should be checking out if you’re up for exploring the Madrid that exists beyond the confines of the Sol, Atocha, Gran Vía, Plaza de España tourist trap!

1. Madrid No Frills

As the name suggests, Madrid No Frills gives you a look into what life is really like in the city’s many neighbourhoods that often get overlooked for not being touristy enough. But let’s be honest, these are probably the places you want to be when the summer sun hits and you’re looking for a terraza that won’t break the bank!

This account can give you great insights into what to expect from every day life in the city if you plan on moving to Madrid as you explore the no-frills bars around the city, meet madrileños and hear their stories, and explore abandoned buildings described as “historical haunts that have witnessed Madrid’s evolution over the centuries” – Madrid No Frills

2. NakedMadrid

Much like Madrid No Frills, NakedMadrid aims to show you how to get the most out of the city with a lot of focus on neighbourhoods to explore.

You’ll find gems like local markets (which you’ll become an expert at exploring and finding the best food and drink for cheap), activities and events, and over at their blog you can even find useful info on the best towns around Madrid to explore for a day trip!

3. LocoWeekend

LocoWeekend’s account has a bit of everything for the Madrid newbies (and even old heads still learning more and more about the city’s many offerings).

The page constantly highlights businesses around the city that deserve to be on your radar ranging from vintage boutiques to restaurants and bars! Of course, they’ll keep you up-to-date on all the festivities and activities you should get in on once the weekend rolls around!

4. TimeOutMadrid

The TimeOut blog is another essential to help you explore Madrid like a pro once you get settled.

You won’t want to miss out on their neighbourhood guide which might help you narrow down where to live if you want to get more bang for your buck!

5. EatOutMadrid

If you’re a foodie moving to Madrid, this one is ALL yours! Everything your heart desires condensed into this Insta-treasure chest.

Instead of despairing over whether or not you’ll find your go-to comfort foods, start here first. EatOutMadrid is an invaluable resource with their Instagram page and a Facebook group where you can ask all the questions and get expert feedback and opinions on the best places to eat in the Spanish capital. They also regularly host foodie meet-ups across the city so you definitely don’t want to miss out on those unique opportunities to meet expats just like you!

Moving halfway across the world to a new city can be the cause of so much stress but there’s a lot of resources out there you can turn to to get you prepared for anything that might come your way and Instagram is the best place to go to if you’re looking for the right vibe that suits you and your lifestyle.