Quarantine Chronicles | Khadija S., London

Our #QuarantineChronicles series where we share the experiences of our Caribbean Millennial community living abroad during the COVID-19 Pandemic is back with a third installment!

Our Caribbean Millennial community is made up of travellers from around the diaspora sharing stories of their travels to inspire our peers to do the same. COVID-19 may have put a pause to our collective travel plans for 2020, but these reflections from our peers will shine some light on how to handle such an expected situation when living abroad.

Meet Khadija!

We last talked to Khadija about her passion as an environmentalist working tirelessly to help her audience “marry the physical environment, the social environment and the built environment”.

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, she currently finds herself amidst the chaos that is London during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the situation like where you are based?

London is currently the most infected place in the UK although the Prime minister was a bit delayed in locking down the place, but he has finally done it. So people are now indoors, businesses closed and pubs deserted.

Strange enough though, I live opposite a park and I have never seen so many people exercising before … so that’s strange lol any excuse to come outside I guess.

What was your life like just before COVID-19 hit vs. today?

Well, I was studying for exams so I was technically socially distancing and isolating myself before things got drastic but by the time my exams were done and I was ready to be a social butterfly I had to reassess that.

It’s weird living an insanely cautious life being aware of every move – where I put my hands or belongings, and having to constantly clean. It’s also frustrating watching people be selfish as they insist on going outside, or going abroad, to the beach etc. What I hate most about it is just the constant worry about the state of the world and my friends and my family. This virus does not discriminate and is everywhere which is the scary part.

How are you coping and using the time in quarantine?

I’m naturally an indoors person that loves the occasional outdoor visits so I think I am doing fine.

I have been using the time to work on my dissertation and other projects on my blog etc. So, creatively it has been beneficial.

I’ve also started exercising and eating more home cooked meals which is good for my body and have sort of fallen into a routine.

What’s one thing you want your friends & family to know about how you’re doing right now?

I’m good ! No need to worry or stress ! I know I am not home but I am safe and taking all the necessary precautions. I am not afraid so there is no need for you to be.

What’s the first thing you’ll do once everything goes back to normal?

I somehow can’t see things going back to normal. I think this is going to reshape the world as we know it in terms of social structures, economic systems etc… things are definitely going to be different. But I am going to Miami and going to eat as much Cuban and Argentine food as I possibly can!

What advice do you have for Caribbean Millennials who may be wary of moving abroad after this pandemic?

There are certain aspects of life that are completely out of your control. The sooner you accept that, the easier it is for you to go out there and follow your journey wherever it may lead you. Never let fear stop you from living.

Khadija runs an environmental awareness blog over on Instagram called Ecovybz! Check out her content and tune in weekly for Water Wednesdays!
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