Quarantine Chronicles | Olivia, Kent

We started our #QuarantineChronicles series to share the experiences of our Caribbean Millennial community living abroad during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

When we first started interviewing our Caribbean Millennial community from around the diaspora, the virus had only just started causing countries in Europe to close their borders and enforce mandatory nationwide lockdowns.

Now, we’re starting to see just how far reaching the effects of COVID-19 are and even our home countries are enforcing lockdowns of their own to protect its citizens from a potential economic disaster.

This installment of #QuarantineChronicles features Olivia, a Jamaican from Ocho Rios currently based in Kent, England.

What is the situation re:COVID-19 like in Kent, England?

Currently (26-03-2020) we’re at day 3 of a long awaited lock down. My husband is a key worker on reduced hours. Panic buying engulfed our town but we have enough supplies to hopefully get us through this.

What was your life like just before COVID-19 hit vs. today?

I was busy trying to organize my life for a return to work. My life isn’t much different except I get to spent some more time with the man of my dreams.

How are you coping and using the time in quarantine?

I’ve been on maternity leave for a good long time so my routine isn’t much different but I’m making sure my husband and I spend more time communicating evaluating and planning our next steps.

“never stop pursuing opportunities abroad”

What’s one thing you want your friends/family to know about how you’re doing right now?

I am not anxious; I am prepared for a crisis because I’ve been very logical and deliberate in how I plan and live and I want you to have peace.

What’s the first thing you’ll do once everything goes back to normal?

I’ll take my toddler for a walk in the park even though we’re allowed to exercise I’m taking extra care and avoiding the outdoors.

What advice do you have for Caribbean Millennials who may be wary of moving abroad after this pandemic?

The world will continue to recover. Your dreams shouldn’t be encompassed by fear you should absolutely update your disaster management action plan, but never stop pursuing opportunities abroad. Always have your get vex money on hand while you explore and where the money can’t take you back when borders close there is a peace in knowing that you could run if the conditions allowed.

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