Quarantine Chronicles | Devon, Bogotá

We started our #QuarantineChronicles series to share the experiences of our Caribbean Millennial community living abroad during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

When we first started interviewing our Caribbean Millennial community from around the diaspora, the virus had only just started causing countries in Europe to close their borders and enforce mandatory nationwide lockdowns.

Now, we’re starting to see just how far reaching the effects of COVID-19 are and even our home countries are enforcing lockdowns of their own to protect its citizens from a potential economic disaster.

This final installment of #QuarantineChronicles features Devon Dickson an ESL Professional from Trinidad and Tobago, currently with the British Council in the Colombian capital, Bogotá.

What is the situation re:COVID-19 like in Bogotá?

Right now (28-03-2020) we are on a small lockdown; only able to go outside to go to the grocery, pharmacy, or hospital . The number of cases here are growing and people have been a bit wild. Unable to find wet wipes with alcohol. People were foolishly rushing and pushing in the supermarkets as well.

What was your life like just before COVID-19 hit vs. today?

Before things got wild I would go to work, deliver my classes, and live life like a regular Trini abroad would do – cook, lime with friends and go to the gym.

How are you coping and using the time in quarantine?

I’m doing some personal development. Some webinars and certifications with respect to online teaching, doing exercise at home, playing video games, and trying new cooking recipes .

What’s one thing you want your friends/family to know about how you’re doing right now?

Well, I usually keep in good contact with my family thanks to the power of the internet. But, to any friends out there ..I’m staying inside .. cooking a lot and keeping mental health at a respectable level.

“Moving abroad is always a risky thing in the terms of how you are going to feel missing your family and friends.”

What’s the first thing you’ll do once everything goes back to normal?

Probably go to the market and get some chadon beni to keep cooking! Ahah

What advice do you have for Caribbean Millennials who may be wary of moving abroad after this pandemic?

Moving abroad is always a risky thing in the terms of how you are going to feel missing your family and friends. Of course, this pandemic makes things a bit scarier for some people… but make wise and calculated decisions and go forth and live life! Maybe choose somewhere that isn’t too far from home… like Colombia !

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