Why Budget Travel Matters ft. Shuntelle Paynter

Shuntelle Paynter hails from a very small island in the Atlantic ocean, and while it may not be officially recognised as part of the Caribbean she says that Bermudians feel really connected to the region through cultural similarities.

Shuntelle biking through the streets of Amsterdam.

The thing about growing up on a small island is that you quickly develop the drive to want to see more of what lies outside your own borders.

Most of us can probably relate to the experience of traveling with family and staying at hotels and all-inclusive resorts as a child, but once you start paying for your own trips there’s a lesson to be learned in how to manage your funds and still have a good time.

For many of us islanders, our travel experiences are often shaped through the lens of luxurious travel. Five star hotels, all-inclusive resorts, etc. and this usually conjures up feelings of exclusivity, which often times means that many of us rule out travel as an option because it seems to be too expensive. For budget travellers like Shuntelle, changing that narrative is important because it gives more people the incentive to get up and explore the world around them.

So that’s why she has dedicated her Instagram account, A Journey To Telle, to inspiring millennial women to challenge their comfort zones through budget travel! What better way to understand what she truly means than by talking about her own budget travel experiences around the globe, and how they’ve helped her challenge herself and get out of her own comfort zone.

Every chance I get to travel I’m gone!

Can you relate? On episode seven of our Bacchanal Abroad podcast, we talk about:

  • The real reason you should experience budget travel
  • Her experience teaching English in China in 2015
  • How she backpacked through South East Asia for two months in 2019
  • Culture shock in the UK vs Culture shock in Asia
  • Her favourite budget travel destinations in Asia

Bacchanal Abroad is for the Caribbean Millennial who is curious about the world of travel and the travel possibilities that await them. If that’s you and you’ve enjoyed this week’s episode, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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