Taking Control of Your Move Abroad ft. Arrianne Talma

How do you want to show up when you move abroad?

A nervous wreck, fearing that things may not work out exactly the way you hope? Or, confidently with a positive outlook that helps you to have one of the most freeing experiences life has to offer – a fresh start somewhere new?

There’s so much anxiety that comes from packing up your life and getting on a plane that will take you on an adventure full of unknowns, but for Caribbean Millennials like Arrianne Talma the excitement outweighs that nervous vibe.

Who have I held back on that I want to be now?

Arrianne made the most of the study abroad opportunities available at the University of Virginia, where she pursued her undergraduate degree. While there, she spent time abroad in the South of Spain in the charming city of Granada and also in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Both times she looked forward to recreating herself in a new place surrounded by new people.

Think about it, no-one knows you or has any point of reference about your life before they meet you abroad. It truly is the best time for you to learn more about yourself as you explore a new country and its culture by letting go of your fears and embracing all that lies ahead.

Tune into this episode of Bacchanal Abroad, as Arrianne Talma shares her experience:

  • channeling her anxiety about moving abroad into excitement
  • learning more about who she is
  • studying abroad in Granada, Spain and Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • why Caribbean Millennials should step outside of their comfort zone and travel

To keep up with Arrianne and her travels around the world, check out her lifestyle blog and follow her on Instagram!

What is your biggest takeaway from our conversation with Arrianne Talma on this episode of Bacchanal Abroad?

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